"Improvised gallows" make appearance at opposition protest

The police have identified the young men who carried improvised gallows during Saturday's protest in Belgrade, Prva TV has been able to confirm on Monday.

Source: B92, Prva TV

Public broadcaster RTS reported this earlier.

According to initial information, they are members of the opposition Dveri Movement.

Due to the scene causing great disturbance among the public, the police yesterday announced an intensive search for the persons in question.

The photographs showing a participant in the protest carrying the gallows first appeared on social networks.

Interior Ministry (MUP) State Secretary Biljana Popovic-Ivkovic confirmed that "the young men who were carrying improvised gallows" during the protests in Belgrade on Saturday had been identified as supporters of the Dveri Movement, and of the Alliance for Serbia.

She told TV Pink that these two men will make their statements (to the police).

Popovic-Ivkovic also said that a person armed with automatic weapons, who threatened to hang the son of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, has been placed under arrest.

Another person, who threatened both Vucic's daughter and son, has also been arrested.


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