Car explodes on outskirts of Belgrade

There have been no injuries when a car exploded at the entrance to Galenika early on Thursday.

Source: B92, Prva TV
(Photo by Jelena Nikolic, Prva TV)
(Photo by Jelena Nikolic, Prva TV)

Prva TV learned unofficially that an explosive device was placed under a Volvo, that was parked at the time of the accident.

A number of other cars in the parking lot have also been damaged.

(Photo by Jelena Nikolic, Prva TV)
(Photo by Jelena Nikolic, Prva TV)

Also unofficially, Prva TV learned that the owner if the Volvo was a woman, whose initials are O.J., and who had no previous police record - but that her husband, who was, according to unconfirmed information, at the scene, has a dossier.

Interior Ministry's forensics were investigating the scene this morning, while traffic was shut down in Milice Sovakovic St. where the explosion took place.


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