"Protect Kosovo crimes witnesses, or they will be killed"

Former Swiss Senator and Council of Europe (CoE) Rapporteur on human organs trade in Kosovo Dick Marty says he has faith in the (Kosovo) Specialist Chambers.

Source: Tanjug
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The chambers are colloquially referred to as "the special court for KLA ('Kosovo Liberation Army') crimes."

Marty is also optimistic when it comes to arresting "the big fish" in Pristina.

"I'm an optimist that the tribunal will soon test itself by the first arrests of those people who are known in Kosovo and to the international community as 'the big fish'," Marty has been quoted as telling Presheva Jone - an Albanian language news agency located in Presevo, a town in the southern part of central Serbia.

Tanjug is citing this, and also reporting this Friday that the Swiss "expressed his concern that the witnesses might be murdered if the Kosovo police or EULEX fail to protect them."

Marty has also been quoted as saying that "Kosovo cannot have political and economic perspective if the country is led by suspected, corrupted persons, and mafiosi criminals."

Presheva Jone further recalled that Marty in the past referred to Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, Kosovo Assembly Deputy President Xhavit Haliti, and Assembly President Kadri Veseli as "the big fish."

According to Marty, "by establishing a tribunal for crimes committed in Kosovo, Kosovo will undoubtedly open uo new prospects for integration."

"I do not think the (court) will be against Kosovo or the KLA, but the abusers from their ranks during and after the war in the region. I believe that a good portion of Kosovo politicians know this, especially those whose hands are not clean," the former Council of Europe official has been quoted as saying.

Presheva Jone also writes that Marty "asked why Hashim Thaci is not suing him for slander."

In July 2014, in an interview with the Swiss Radio SRF, Marty spoke about the chief prosecutor for the investigation into the trafficking of human organs in Kosovo and Metohija in 1999, Clint Williamson - who had been appointed at the time and has since been replaced - as "a pleasant surprise" - adding that, although Williams never mentioned any names, but only former high-ranking KLA members, it was "quite clear to Marty who they were."


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