Man bites policeman in southwestern Serbian town

A 49-year-old man whose initials are S.L. has been in arrested in Novi Pazar, southwestern Serbia, on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

Source: Beta

Radio Sto Plus reported this on Tuesday, saying that the incident, which left the officer seriously injured, happened the day before.

The attack took place in Vuka Karaduica St. when a police patrol responded to a report of an intoxicated S.L. driving his BMW X5 into a street pole, and then parking the car in front of a high school.

According to unofficial information, S.L. was first shouting insults at the officers, and then charged against them. The suspect bit one policeman's arm under the elbow, and then, once in the patrol car, proceeded to break the officer's right hand by kicking him with his feet.

A knife was also found in S.L.'s possession.

A prosecution later interrogated S.L. and ordered him detained for up to 48 hours on suspicion that he assaulted an on-duty official person.


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