Five arrested for laying waste to Railway Museum

Serbian police in Belgrade announced on Tuesday that they had five persons in custody for committing the criminal act of aggravated theft.

Source: B92, Tanjug
(Photo: Dragan Rundic)
(Photo: Dragan Rundic)

They are suspected of stealing from the company Railways of Serbia.

The five men, aged 24 to 36, are suspects of entering the Lozionica building in Belgrade, in Vojvode Misica Blvd., - the property of the Railway Museum - and using a burner to cut off piece of the Pula train engine.

The First Basic Prosecution has decided to file criminal complaints against them in regular procedure, the Interior Ministry said.

Reports earlier said that some priceless pieces exhibited at the museum have been either destroyed or literally taken away - including the Pula, manufactured in 1864, that was used in the building of the Suez Canal and is older than the railway system in Serbia.


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