RSD 18 million taken in North Kosovo heist

A private security company vehicle transporting cash was held up and robbed on Monday in Leposavic in northern Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

The police intervened afterwards and recovered some of the money - it has not been specified how much there had been in total - along with another car.

According to local media, a total of about RSD 18 million (EUR 150,000) was taken from the vehicle belonging to the Henderson company.

Kosovo police representative Besim Hoti said that four cars took part in the heist, and that the police were looking for the robbers.

This is the second time, after last May, that the company's vehicles have been targeted in the Leposavic municipality .

Media claim that the police know the identity of one of the perpetrators, and that there were "weapons and a driver's license, most likely belonging to one of the robbers" in the car that was discovered in the wake of the incident.


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