Kosovo: Albanians harass Serb children in school playground

A group of Albanians on Tuesday insulted and threatened Serb children in a school playground in Suvi Do, near the town of Lipljan, b92.net has learned.

Source: B92

Our reporter said that the Albanians in question "showed the children the middle finger and uttered obscenities in Albanian and English" - telling them also that there was "no place for them in Kosovo, as it was Albanian territory."

The Albanians then used crowbars to demolish two doors on the school building. The children called their parents, who reported the incident to the Kosovo police.

The Albanians fled the scene in a black vehicle.

The children were ten-year-olds who were "visibly distressed," the school's headmaster, Bratislav Djedovic, said after the incident.

The information service of the municipality of Gracanica said they learned that the police soon after detained four Albanian men, up to 20 years of age - all of them, according to a statement, hailing from the vicinity of Gracanica.

However, the Kosovo police issued a statement of its own, and assessed that the incident had no "inter-ethnic" background. Each such act is criminal, regardless of who commits it, they said.

This was the second similar incident in a week - it took place after a group of Albanians charged against Serb children playing in a village playground in Staro Gracko.

A number of incidents, in some cases resulting in injuries, has occurred lately in Kosovo and Metohija, when Albanians attacked Serbs, including children.

On Tuesday, the Kosovo government expressed its concern, and condemned what they termed to be "inter-ethnic incidents."


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