Man assaults TV crew during parking spot dispute

A Prva TV crew was attacked on Tuesday in Leskovac, southern Serbia, when a local man assaulted a cameraman, causing injuries to his head.

Source: B92, Beta
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(, file)

The broadcaster is reporting that it learned unofficially the attacker is the owner of an establishment in front of which the television crew was supposed to interview the mayor of Leskovac.

The assailant who attacked journalist Danilo Masojevic and cameraman Vladeta Urosevic has been arrested.

"We parked our vehicle in a side street, when the owner of a shop came out and started shouting that it was not a parking spot," Masojevic recounted the incident. "He was cursing and threatened us with his prison experience, and then blocked our vehicle with his car."

"When we went to take the camera and other equipment out of the vehicle, he grabbed the cameraman by the hand and struck him on the head. The whole attack happened because of a parking spot," the journalist said.

The injured cameraman was treated in the hospital and then released.

The Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) condemned the attack and asked the authorities to punish the assailant.

"The UNS considers physical attacks and brutal behavior towards journalists to be unacceptable and calls on the police and prosecutors to demand the most severe punishment for the attacker," a statement said.


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