Criminal charges for improper disposal of hazardous waste

Environment Minister Goran Trivan says two indictments have been filed so far for improper disposal of hazardous waste near Obrenovac.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

Trivan said he "does not like to talk about penalties because that is the last measure" - but that in such cases the law provides for between six months and five years in prison for those found guilty.

"We think that this is not enough," Trivan told RTS, adding that this was a crime against one's own country and nation, and that the ministry would "deal with the law, and propose much harsher punishment."

After Obrenovac and Novi Sad, three more locations were discovered in the area of Pancevo and Bavaniste, containing about 200 tons of improperly stored hazardous waste.

When it comes to the waste in question, Trivan said that "such situations are foreseen by law and there are several solutions - if the one who generated the waste is not able to dispose of it then it is a task for local self-government, and if the local self-government does not have the funds, then the republic (state) must come to their aid."

The minister pointed out that these are not small quantities of waste, and that the state will have to allocate money to dispose of it properly.

Speaking about historic waste at factories, Trivan said that this was certainly an obligation of the state, and that it will be disposed of at the pace of these companies' privatizations.

When it comes to afforestation, the minister pointed out that this was one of his ministry's priorities and announced joint work on this with other institutions, local self-governments and civil society.


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