Serbian and Spanish police nab drug gang

The Interior Ministry (MUP) announced on Friday that 27 people have arrested and that more than 75 kilograms of marijuana seized.

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This is the result of a joint operation by the Serbian and Spanish police.

Due suspicion that they committed criminal offenses of unauthorized production and marketing of narcotic drugs and associatin for the commission of a criminal offense, 26 people were arrested in the territory of Spain, 14 of which were citizens of Serbia, while others were citizens of Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Lithuania and Sweden.

N.M. (born in 1979) was arrested in Serbia and ordered to be held in custoy for up to 48 hours, after which he would be brought to the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime along with a criminal complaint.

During the last arrest operation in Spain, 2,337 seedlings of marijuana were seized at different phases of maturity, as well as 75,2 kilograms of harvested marijuana defense, 56,000 euros in cash, four vehicles, one motorcycle and two firearms of 38 and 9 millimeter caliber.

It is suspected that this criminal group was organized by a Serbian citizen, S.T. (1966). He and other members installed several illegal marijuana production laboratories, which, after finishing the production process, they dried and packed, and then sold to various criminal groups in the countries in the European Union.

During the operational work conducted by the Serbian police, police officers from France, Italy and Germany took part in the arrests of seven people - five Serbian citizens and two Romanian citizens in several actions in 2017 and 2018. They found a total of 254 kilograms of marijuana.

A total of 330 kilograms of narcotic drugs were seized from this organized criminal group during the previous operation, 34 persons were arrested, and one is being intensively searched for.


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