Montenegrin crime clan member gunned down in Belgrade

A 41-year-old Montenegrin citizen has been killed with multiple shots from firearms while in his vehicle in central Belgrade's Internacionalnih Brigada St.

Source: Beta, N1

The N1 broadcaster is reporting this on Tuesday, adding that the murder of D.B., whose body was found in the car, took place around midnight on January.

The police have investigated the scene and are looking for the perpetrator.

According to the report, the victim was linked to a Montenegrin crime group known as the Kavac (Kavacki) Clan, while the initial results of the investigation point to this being yet another " showdown among Montenegrin criminal clans."

Serbian Police Director Vladimir Rebic stated on Tuesday that the victim was "known to both Montenegrin and Serbian police" and that "everything indicates this is a clash between criminal groups."

"There have been connected cases in the past when it comes to clashes between criminal groups in the region, but one should stress that the number of murders in Serbia went down 30 percent last year," Rebic said, according to Beta.

N1 is reporting that showdowns between two major crime gangs from Montenegro, Skaljar (Skaljarski) and Kavac clans, are often taking place in Serbia. The once united Kotor Clan split up after 250 kilograms of cocaine went missing in Spain, and their subsequent conflicts spilled over to the streets of Belgrade, and on occasion other towns in this country.

The broadcaster also quoted Rebic as saying in late 2016 that "the Montenegrin clan" was "the most dangerous and the strongest in the region."


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