Serbs attacked in Kiev "as soon as they spoke Serbian"/VIDEO

Filip Balac, a member of Partizan football club's TV crew, says he and another colleague were assaulted in Kiev when the attackers heard them speak Serbian.

Source: Vecernje novosti
(screen capture)
(screen capture)

They were in the Ukrainian capital for a Europa League game between Partizan Belgrade and Dynamo Kiev.

Balac told the daily Vecernje Novosti that a group of hooligans approached them and asked if they were Serbs - and attacked them before they could answer.

"They hit my colleague first. The next moment, another group surrounded me from behind. I took 10 to 15 blows to the head and fell to the ground. They were jumping on me. I have no idea how long the whole thing lasted, but nobody came to our help. In a busy street, 100 meters from the hotel," Balac said, adding that he thinks the attackers probably waited for them.

"It's not like we were shouting, walking down the street, raising three fingers - we behaved in the most normal way. It was dark, and they heard us speak Serbian. I did not lose consciousness the whole time, otherwise I would have certainly fared worse. This way I managed to somehow protect myself with my hands. I though they would stop if I was on the ground. But they continued... When I finally got up, the only thought in my head was to see where my colleague was, he was beaten by a bigger group," Balac said.

07.12.2017 League Europe. Ukraine🇺🇦 Dynamo Kiev attacked Partizan before match

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