Serbian and Czech police nab 5 members of cocaine gang

Five members of a crime group suspected of trafficking cocaine have been arrested in Prague and Novi Sad.

Source: B92

This was a joint operation of the Serbian Interior Ministry (MP) and security agency BIA, and the Czech police and prosecution, the MUP announced on Friday.

The arrested suspects have been named with their initials and age as Montenegrin citizen and Novi Sad resident R.C. (63); S.P. (40) and B.C (39), residents of Novi Sad; J.C. (59), who holds Serbian-Hungarian citizenship, and B.B. (45) who is a citizen of Serbia and the Czech Republic.

According to a statement, the organized crime group was over a long period of time procuring and distributing cocaine in Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, and was selling the drug in other European countries as well.


B. C, J. C. and B. B. were arrested in Prague immediately after a handover of 8.4 kilograms of cocaine, while the Serbian police in Novi Sad at the same time arrested S.P., and R.C., who is suspected of organizing the crime group.

Beside the cocaine, the police temporarily seized from the suspects about 110,000 euros in cash, a Porsche Panamera, an Audi A8, a Mercedes, and other cars of lesser value, the statement said.

The suspects arrested in Serbia will be charged and brought before the Organized Crime Prosecution in Belgrade within the legal deadline, the statement concluded.


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