Suspect arrested in N. Pazar for raping daughter for 4 years

The police in Novi Pazar, southwestern Serbia, on Saturday arrested 40-year-old E.T., an Albanian from Kosovo, on suspicion that he raped his own daughter.

Source: Vecernje novosti

The daily Vecernje Novosti is reporting this on Tuesday, adding that the child is now 15, and has been the victim of repeated rape for the past four years.

In the end, the crime was reported by her mother, and her younger siblings.

The suspect has been questioned and turned over to the judicial organs, while the girl, accompanied by the mother and Social Welfare workers from Novi Pazar, underwent medical and other examinations, the daily writes, and adds that "more details will be known in the coming days, once all the analyses have been completed."

According to the article, the suspect raped his daughter while the family briefly lived in Germany, and continued after they returned to Novi Pazar, where he for a while owned a tavern.

"He threatened the girl not to tell anyone anything, and she kept silent out of fear. According to unofficial information, she attempted suicide at one point," the newspaper writes, and adds that the Serbian police are "very careful in this case" and are "not making any public statements."


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