Police shoot and kill suspect in central Serbian town

Members of the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) in Kraljevo attempted on Wednesday, near the bus station in the this town, to arrest 32-year-old D.J.

Source: B92

The MUP announced this, adding that he was to be placed under arrest because he threatened to throw a hand grenade at the local police station, and also as a suspect in several serious thefts that had been committed over the previous days.

However, during the attempted arrest, D.J. produced a hand grenade and threatened to throw it at the officers. Members of the MUP later established contact via cell phone and negotiated with the suspect, but he refused to surrender.

After this, the police located the house where D.J. was hiding. Ten other persons, including an 18-month old baby and four children - and the suspect's 15-year-old girlfriend - were also in the house at the time.

As the suspect threatened to activate the device, the police were forced to storm the house. When D.J. attempted to make good on his threat, he was shot and killed.


Suspect questioned for assaulting TV reporter

The Higher Public Prosecution in Belgrade on Monday questioned D.V., a suspect in an incident involving an assault on a TV Pink journalist.

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