Austrians photograph minors, sell pictures to pedophiles

Two Austrians, a man and a woman, have been arrested in Backo Petrovo Selo in northern Serbia on charges of paying minors to take their photographs.

Source: O2
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(Screen capture)

They are suspected of then selling this content online to pedophiles.

Some of the girl's parents are believed to have participated.

Locals in the village say that one mother and her daughter carried out "pornographic performances" for the Austrians - and were paid between RSD 500 and 1,000 (EUR 4-8).

"Of course we knew about it," one local woman told O2's reporter. "How could we not, when even the parents went to get photographed, not only the children. One (woman) who took her 11-year-old daughter, had her pictures taken along with the daughter."

The Welfare Center in nearby Becej is aware of this, and other cases that have rocked the village. Due to the ongoing procedures, they could not go in front of the cameras. But if the rumors turn out to be true, the court's position is clear.

"What the prosecutor has ascertained is that three minor girls were the damaged parties," said Marko Bozovic, from the Basic Court in Becej, and added: "I learned directly from the prosecutor that the number had grown to nine during the investigation."

What is known is that the foreigners occasionally visited the village, and stayed in a house near the Orthodox cemetery, where they took the pictures.

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