Ex-mayor and ruling SNS party MP arrested

Former president of the municipal assembly of the eastern town of Zajecar Sasa Mirkovic has been detained on suspicion of having abused that official position.

Source: B92, Vecernje Novosti, RTS
(Medija Centar, file)
(Medija Centar, file)

RTS is reporting that Mirkovic - who is also a show business manager - allegedly committed financial transgressions while serving as mayor, and previously as cabinet chief to the mayor.

Another former local official has been arrested in the same police operation.

The daily Vecernje Novosti is reporting that the State Audit Institution in late July filed charges against Mirkovic for the alleged illegal decisions to "spray mosquitoes and ticks and buy toilet paper" back in 2015.

Mirkovic in the past also served as member of the Serbian Assembly from the ruling SNS party, and as assistant minister of transport, when this ministry was headed by Milutin Mrkonjic (SPS).

However, he was expelled from the SNS for failing to comply with the party's decision that he must leave one of the offices he held.

Mirkovic then became a critic of his former party colleagues, making numerous accusations again them - including during a TV show hosted by Dejan Andjus, a journalists who was also close to the SNS and who was recently arrested on extortion charges, before being released pending the outcome of the case.


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