Businessman in south "literally riddled with bullets"

A 33-year-old man has been shot and killed on Sunday night in downtown Leskovac, southern Serbia, Beta is reporting.

Source: Beta
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The agency said that Aleksandar Mikic perished in "a classic ambush" staged in front of the building where he lived, and that he was "literally riddled with bullets."

The motives for the murder are not known at this time, while Mikic, a businessman, was considered to have had ties with the criminal world.

A few minutes after the shooting, a Renault car with foreign license plates exploded on the parking lot behind the Technological Faculty.

In a statement for Beta, a source claimed that the two cases are linked - i.e., that the attacker or the attackers waited in front of Mikic's building in that car, before killing him.


Army colonel arrested on corruption charges

A Serbian Army colonel whose initials are V.S. has been placed under arrest on suspicion that he abused his official position and traded in influence.

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