Car tries to cut into president's motorcade, 3 arrested

Belgrade-based print media are on Monday reporting about the occupants of a car that on Saturday attempted to cut into President Aleksandar Vucic's motorcade.

Source: Tanjug, Blic, Vecernje Novosti
(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)
(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)

According to Blic, the vehicle - a Spanish license plates black Bentley - is owned by former Serbian footballer Ivica Daragutinovic, who was not in the vehicle when the incident happened. The driver, whose initials are L.R., and passengers M.T. and S.D. have all been arrested.

The newspaper also claims that the three work as security at the Belgrade night club Nana, while the driver is suspected of having close ties to the Montenegrin crime group known as "Skaljarski Clan."

The report said that security services have information that L.R. is "doing jobs related the clan's narcotics business" and is also wanted by the police of a country in Serbia's "surroundings" over a shooting that happened several months ago.

Blic also writes that the the suspects told the police they were on their way to a gas station to fill up the car's gas tank, on Dragutinovic's order, when the incident happened on Saturday morning.

"President Vucic was traveling from Villa Bokeljka toward the Presidency on Andricev Venac. At the Topciderska Zvezda square, the security noticed a car running riot behind Vucic's motorcade. The driver was persistently trying to cut into the convoy," the paper quoted a police source.

Although there have been reports that Vucic's car was crashed into, the same source claims this did not happen.

"The driver of a car from the escort who was behind Vucic's car managed to block the Bentley and thus prevent more serious consequences," the unnamed police source said.

Blic also writes that Dragutinovic showed up armed while the police were identifying the three occupants in the car - but that he had a license to carry the pistol. The paper quotes unofficial information according to which Dragutinovic is a close friend to Darko Saric.

Another daily, Vecernje Novosti, quotes sources from the investigation to report that L.R. drove into the Topciderska Zvezda Square at almost 200 kilometers per hour, and circled it several times. According to this, at one point the rear of the Bently hit the president's car.

Without stopping, the Bentley then blocked another vehicle from the convoy, so that security personnel traveling in it "could not react." A third car from the convoy went after the Bentley, caught up with it, after which members of the presidential security dragged the three out of the vehicle, the paper said.

According to this report, citing police information, L.R. is the chief of Dragutinovic's security.

Politika, meanwhile, writes that the three men did not intent to cut into the president's motorcade - instead the driver was drifting his car when the crash happened.

The three suspects questioned on Monday at the Higher Prosecution in Belgrade and remanded in custody up to 30 days.


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