Belgrade man tortured, then set on fire - reports

A man who the media speculate has been tortured and set on fire is being treated for serious burns at Belgrade's military clinic VMA.

Source: Beta, Blic

According to the daily Blic, the man was found in an abandoned shack in the Belgrade municipality of Zemun, where he had been "tortured and had his fingernails pulled out, before he getting set on fire."

"We don't know if he set himself on fire or if he was set on fire," Nada Macura, a spokesperson for the Belgrade medical emergency service, told Beta on Thursday, and added: "The police reported the case to us."

"He has burns, but he is conscious and stable," Blic said it learned from the VMA.

The newspaper added that the police have determined the identity of the 58-year-old, who is a resident of Zemun.


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