Elderly Belgrader caught hiding EUR 125k in his sock

Serbian Customs officers at the Batrovci border crossing with Croatia have prevented a Serbian citizen from smuggling EUR 95,450 out of the country.

Source: Beta
(Serbian Customs)
(Serbian Customs)

The Customs Administration said in a statement on Wednesday, cited by Beta, that a total of EUR 125,450 in cash was found in possession of the 69-year-old, a resident of Belgrade.

Of this sum, EUR 125,000 was found hidden in the man's right sock, while he carried another EUR 450 in his wallet.

The suspect and his wife, who were traveling to Germany, told the officers they had nothing to declare - but a detailed search revealed the hidden cash.

As it is legal to take up to EUR 10,000 in cash per person out of the country, the passengers were given back that amount, while the remainder of the money, EUR 95,450, has been seized pending the outcome of the legal proceedings, said the Customs Administration.


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