HLC files war crimes charges against Red Beret member

The Humanitarian Law Center has filed a criminal complaint against a former high-ranking officer of the Special Operations Unit (JSO), Radojica Bozovic.

Source: Beta

The criminal complaint was filed for alleged war crimes he committed in Doboj in the spring and summer of 1992.

It is stated that the complaint was also filed against two other members of the so-called Red Berets for crimes committed from May to August 1992.

The HLC believes that they expelled several hundred Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) from the Doboj village of Bukovacka Civcija during that period, that they killed one of the members of the Croat National Guard (ZNG), and that they were looting and torturing civilians who were imprisoned in the Doboj District Prison.

"Until today, no member of the Red Berets has been prosecuted for crimes committed during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia before a domestic court. Therefore, the HLC calls on the War Crimes Prosecutor's Office to investigate allegations from the filed criminal charges, to process those responsible, and to provide the victims with the right to truth after 25 years," a HLC statement said.


TV journalists arrested for racketeering - report

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