Members of Montenegrin criminal clan arrested in Belgrade

The Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) has announced that its officers on Thursday arrested ten persons in a Belgrade restaurant.

Source: Blic, Tanjug

They are suspected of illegal manufacturing, possession, carrying, and trafficking of weapons and explosive materials.

The police identified the suspects with their initials and year of birth as A.J. (1978), M.P. (1979), I.Z. (1989), M.B. (1984), N.B. (1984), M.M. (1981), M.N. (1989), M.P. (1991), N.N. (1985) and Z.K. (1982).

On the order of the Higher Public Prosecution in Belgrade, the suspects are currently held in police custody that can last up to 48 hours.

Meanwhile, B92 has received confirmation that they are considered to be members of Montenegro's Skaljari Clan, which has been involved in murders and drug trafficking in Serbia and in Montenegro.

The arrest took place in New Belgrade's Durmitor restaurant.


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