Minister reacts to mafia showdown near Novi Sad elementary

Nebojsa Stefanovic says there will be "dismissals" in the Novi Sad criminal investigations police unless Tuesday's incident near a school has been solved.

Source: Tanjug

Stefanovic spoke after a shooting earlier in the day that took place close to the elementary, leaving one person injured.

Stefanovic spoke with Novi Sad police chief Milorad Susnjic and afterwards said he expected light to be shed quickly on all the all circumstances surrounding the case.

Stefanovic told Tanjug that Susnjic informed him Tuesday's mafia showdown will have "absolute priority" and that police are "working intensively" to solve the case.

According to reports by local media earlier in the day, the victim, the driver of a car, was ambushed while driving the vehicle and shot twice in the arm.

Eyewitnesses said that he lost control of the car during the incident, drove through a fence and crashed into a wall.

Stefanovic said this was "an unprecedented case" and that he was "horrified by the fact that some vandals dared to shoot in broad daylight in front of a school, while children were leaving it."


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