Turkish agency's cameraman assaulted in Belgrade

A cameraman working for Turkey's Anadolu news agency has been attacked in Belgrade, near the city's main railway station.

Source: Beta, Anadolu

The victim has been named as Nihad Ibrahimkadic, a citizen of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

According to the Beta agency, he suffered serious injuries and has been taken to the military clinic VMA by the members of Serbian Interior Ministry's Gendarmerie.

The Turkish agency said that Ibrahimkadic was on Thursday "in intensive care with a broken chin," citing hospital sources who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media.

According to the Beta report, the cameraman was attacked "from behind" by as of yet unidentified assailants who "didn't say anything and did not take any valuables from him."

Ibrahimkadic was attacked as he was returning from Bosnia-Herzegovina where he was spending the New Year holiday.

The Turkish agency condemned the incident and called on Serbian authorities to solve the case as soon as possible.


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