"Albanian family" attempts smuggling 40 kilos of drugs

Serbian Customs and police officers on Tuesday thwarted an attempt to smuggle 39.4 kilos of narcotic across the country's northern Horgos border crossing.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file, illustration purposes)
(Tanjug, file, illustration purposes)

The Customs Admisnitration said the drug, that the perpetrators tried to take across the border into Hungary, was "most likely" heroin.

The stash was found in an Albanian number plates Nissan car, with three Albanian citizens traveling in it - "most likely a family," the Customs said.

Upon searching the vehicle, the officers found "five packages wrapped in yellow tape, along with one in white," indicating "with their shape and manner of packaging" that they might contain illegal narcotics.

As there was also "a wire and a string" running between these packages - "the purpose of which was not instantly obvious" - the police secured the scene, while the Customs halted their work, awaiting the arrival of the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) bomb squad.

According to a statement, a total of 47 packages containing "thus far unidentified narcotics - suspected to be heroin," were eventually recovered from the car.


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