Driver of Turkish truck kills road worker, flees scene

A worker has died while another has been seriously injured on Monday when a truck mowed them down on the Sid-Belgrade highway, in northwestern Serbia.

Source: Beta

The driver of the Turkish number plates truck then fled the scene on foot.

The workers from the Sremput road maintenance company were painting road surface markings in the stopping lane when the truck hit them.

The victims were wearing fluorescent vests, as per regulations, the Ministry of Labor has announced.

The workers have been identified with their initials: M.H. died instantly, while S.N. received serious injuries.

"For unknown reasons the driver of the truck drove the vehicle's right side into the stopping lane of the highway, collided with a road maintenance vehicle and the signs signaling the was work in progress, located about 70 meters ahead of the workers, continued to move and struck M.H. and S.N. The victims wore fluorescent vests," the statement, quoted by the Beta agency, said.

A labor inspector has been sent to the scene to investigate, the ministry also said.


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