Hague prosecution seeks conviction or retrial in Seselj case

The ICTY (Hague Tribunal) Office of the Prosecutor on Tuesday appealed a judgment acquitting SRS party leader Vojislav Seselj of all charges.

Source: Tanjug

Seselj was indicted and put on trial for war crimes committed during armed conflicts in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and for persecution of ethnic Croats in Serbia's Vojvodina province.

Seselj was earlier this year found not guilty on all counts of the indictment.

In a detailed appeal brief, the prosecution pointed to errors committed by the majority of the first-instance trial chamber that acquitted Seselj in late March and proposes that the Appeals Chamber find him guilty and convict him, Tanjug reported on Tuesday.

As an alternative, the prosecution proposes ordering a retrial.

"The Chamber erred in fact in finding that Seselj did not physically commit persecutions, as well as deportation and other inhumane acts (forcible transfer)," said the appeal brief.

The prosecution had sought 28 years in prison for Seselj.


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