18-hour siege and search for New Belgrade shooter ends/VIDEO

The police in Belgrade have arrested a man in connection with a shooting incident that took place on Thursday evening in New Belgrade's Block 45.

Source: B92, RTS, Tanjug

The police continued on Friday morning to look for the man who the previous evening hid in an apartment building after the shooting incident.

They eventually had the suspect under arrest, after an operation that lasted 18 hours.

He was apprehended close to the building that was under police blockade the whole night and morning.

As the plainclothes inspectors were arresting him, he shouted, "Call the police!"

B92 has learned unofficially that the suspect was caught as he was trying to run away after jumping from a first floor window.

Earlier, B92 learned that police dogs had found the armed suspect, who was hiding at the time "above the sixth floor." The dogs were following the scent from his car.

The police are yet to announce the identity of the suspect, and whether or not he was the owner of a BMW he was driving as the New Belgrade drama started to unfold last night.

Namely, the man on Thursday evening started randomly shooting from the vehicle, and crashing it into other cars in Jurija Gagarina Street, damaging at least four.

However, one of the wheels on his BWM fell off, so he ran out of the car and into the apartment building.

Tanjug reported that the police then "surrounded the whole Block 45, as well as the building where the attacker was hiding."

According to Belgrade media, the police also found two pistols in the abandoned car.

The building remained surrounded by the police, including those from special units, throughout the night, with the residents allowed to go in and out under strict control.

Media reports this morning said that one of the residents gave the police security camera footage that show the shooter was "a balding man of about 30, wearing sunglasses."


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