Murderer "passed lie detector test before killing again"

A man detained on July 10 on suspicion that he raped and murdered a 3-year-old child the day before, on June 24 passed a lie detector test "with no problem."

Source: Vecernje novosti

Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti is reporting this on Tuesday.

The suspect, Vladica Rajkovic, took the polygraph test as part of a police investigation into the June 18 disappearance of Dragana Stefanovic. He has in the meantime confessed to murdering the woman, and told the police the details of his crime.

The paper said it learned from sources close to the investigation that Rajkovic had "a personality one rarely encounters" and was showing no signs of remorse, instead "coolly talking about these events as if he does not realize what he has done."

According to the article, Rajkovic told investigators that he had a quarrel with his first victim, Dragana Stankovic, in her home, "and then proceeded to strangle her."

He confessed to hitting his victim on the head with a hammer, thus inflicting deadly injuries. Rajkovic said he then "wrapped the body in a blanket, put it in a garbage cart, and went through almost the whole village like that."

The suspect said that upon reaching a slope he turned over the cart, letting the body roll down into the Timok River.

The next evening, Rajkovic returned to "look at the body" and noticed it was floating in the water. He "stepped into the river and started dragging the body to about half a kilometer upstream, arriving to a railroad bridge, and pushing the body deep under some branches so it wouldn't float up - and then went home."

According to the daily, it is questionable whether and when this murder case would have been solved had Rajkovic not gone on to kill the child, and had his family not told the police they suspected he was also involved in Stankovic's disappearance.


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