5 dead, 22 wounded in mass shooting in northern Serbia

Five people were killed and 22 wounded in the early hours of Saturday in a cafe in Zitiste, near Zrenjanin, in Serbia's northern province of Vojvodina.

Source: B92

The Interior Ministry (MUP) confirmed earlier in the day that five people were killed and "about 20" injured.

According to Serbia's state broadcaster RTS, at least three of those injured in the mass shooting are minors.

The suspect, Sinisa Zlatic (born in 1978), entered the establishment and started shooting from an automatic rifle. He killed his wife and another woman, presumed to have been her friend - and then continued shooting at other guests.

The suspect has been arrested.

The Ministry of Labor, Social and Veteran Affairs and the Provincial Secretariat for Social Policy announced on Saturday evening that Dijana Zlatic, the first victim, used the legal services of the local Welfare Center in Zitiste.

It was also announced that the divorce proceedings between her and Sinisa Zlatic were carried out in line with the law, and that "experts did not perceive her former husband as violent, nor was any domestic violence complaint filed against him."

Beside Dijana Zlatic, four more people have been killed: V.K. from Ravni Topolovac, V.M., S.J., and D.Z. from Zitiste, and J.P. from Banatsko Karadjordjevo.

Earlier in the day, Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said that the weapon used in the mass shooting was illegal, and that the suspect "had no previous criminal or misdemeanor complaint filed against him, nor any related to domestic violence."

The minister also said that the suspected motive was "jealousy" - as Zlatic and his wife were "separated for a while, and considering she was his first victim."

Stefanovic also confirmed that the police found another illegally held rifle and more ammunition when they searched Zlatic's home.

In the wake of the tragedy, the Central Banat Okrug (district) will observe three days of mourning as of Sunday, while the province of Vojvodina will observe one day of mourning on Sunday.


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