1,000 bales of hay belonging to Serb returnees set on fire

1,000 bales of hay belonging to a Serb returnee family have been set on fire in the village of Sinaje in the Istok Municipality in Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

The incident happened early on Tuesday morning, Dalibor Jevtic, who serves as the minister of returns and communities in the Kosovo government, told Tanjug, urging the authorities in Kosovo "to react immediately and find the perpetrators."

About ten Serbs live in the village, completely surrounded by ethnic Albanians.

Jevtic told Tanjug that a tractor belonging to the same family was stolen two years ago, and that his ministry bought a new one to help them survive in Kosovo "and support themselves in some way."

"We certainly want to know who the perpetrators of this incident are in order to avoid jumping to conclusions, but this is a great blow to the family of Velimir Zuvic, and from what I could understand from talking to them, they are frightened," said Jevtic.

According to him, the attacks targeting returnees' property "leave a bad taste in the mouth." Jevtic again urged the authorities to find the perpetrators as soon as possible, "because to set fire to a returnee family's hay means to set fire to their chance to support themselves and permanently survive in these areas."


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