Belgrade: Moroccan migrant injured by Algerians - reports

One migrant has been stabbed with a knife during a fight that broke out among a group of migrants in a park near Belgrade's main bus station.

Source: Beta, Tanjug, Blic, RTS

Tanjug said it learned this from the medical Emergency Service in Belgrade, whose spokeswoman explained that a Moroccan man sustained several cuts to his right leg, while his attackers also struck him in the stomach using their fists.

According to reports, the injured migrant had been taken to the VMA military clinic.

The police confirmed that one migrant was wounded in the leg, adding they still did not know how the incident occurred.

State television RTS is reporting that the Moroccan, a minor, was injured in the leg and that he said a group of Algerians attacked and robbed him. He sought help at an UNHCR stand in the park.

Other Moroccans have been quoted as saying that a group of six Algerians carrying knives was responsible.


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