Assembly committee to put together dossier on KLA crimes

A working group set up by the Serbian Assembly's Committee on Kosovo and Metohija, will create "an archive" documenting the crimes committed by the KLA.

Source: Vecernje novosti

According to a report in daily Vecernje Novosti, this collection of documents - related to 1998, 1999, and 2000 - will be classified according to the seven operational zones that the ethnic Albanians KLA had in Kosovo, "and could lead to (proving) the command responsibility" for the crimes.

This announcement was made on Thursday by Committee Chair Milovan Drecun (SNS), who spoke after the third meeting of the working group.

He said the meeting specified the sequence of the steps to be taken, and which institutions to go to for materials and evidence.

"For the first time we have coordination of all our services, competent state organs and the assembly committee, who have the facts and evidence about all concrete crimes committed by the terrorist KLA ('Kosovo Liberation Army')," he said, and added:

"The archive, that is, the database that we will form, will contain all information about those who gave the orders, those who executed them, and the witnesses to the crimes. Through our Prosecution for War Crimes we will give all this information to the EU Special Investigative Task Force, that is, the (future) Special Court of KLA war crimes."

Drecun also revealed that the EU team he mentioned "already reacted positively" to the working group's proposal to cooperate, and that he expects this to soon become "official."

This, he stressed, is important because the EU Special Investigative Task Force "will probably turn into EU Special Prosecutorial Task Force."

"The working group has also learned about the existence of war diaries of the terrorist KLA that have been confiscated by KFOR, and which speak about the committed crimes," Drecun said.

"Veljko Odalovic has submitted materials to us from the Office for the Missing Persons. We are on our way to also establish cooperation with the EU committee on violations of human rights," he said.


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