"Moscow using Mladic to interfere in Balkans"

Russian doctors have examined Hague indictee Ratko Mladic, while his defense counsel has said that the former RS Army commander is seriously ill.

Source: B92

As Branko Lukic stated, Mladic is not able to continue to follow the trial.

The Russian medical team is now awaiting the complete medical documentation from the Hague Tribunal.

Lukic said that Mladic's lawyers find communication with their 72-year-old client difficult, that he is not preparing his defense and can no longer actively participate in the trial.

"He is a man who has suffered three strokes, which left serious consequences on his brain. He had a heart attack, and has kidney and dental problems, high blood pressure," said Lukic.

All this has prompted Mladic's defense team to prepare to ask the court to allow the defendant to receive medical treatment in Russia.

"We have unofficial information that Russia is ready to, in case the defense asks the Tribunal, allow General Mladic to be examined and treated in Russia," said Lukic.

In Belgrade, professor of the Faculty of Security Zoran Dragisic sees Russia's entry into the story about the Hague and Mladic's health as just an attempt of Moscow to also in this way get involved in the Balkan geostrategic story.

"They offer to help when no one even asks. I think it is much more logical for Ratko Mladic to come to Serbia and receive treatment in Serbia. They are now trying to impose themselves through Serbia to achieve some influence in the Balkans, bearing in mind the overall situation in and around Ukraine and Central Asia," Dragisic said.

Mladic's defense two years ago claimed that their client was not feeling well and could not follow the trial due to the stress, but the trial chamber at the time rejected these arguments.

Since the establishment of the Hague Tribunal 20 years ago, six defendants died in its custody, including former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic.


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