Man who attacked former neo-Nazi transgender person found

The police have found and interviewed a persons suspected of attacking Dajana Pospis in Novi Sad on Tuesday, the N1 broadcaster is reporting.

Source: Beta, N1

Dajana Pospis, who was previously a man called Dolf Pospis, is undergoing sex change medical procedures. Pospis is a former member of the banned neo-Nazi group Nacionalni Stroj.

The NGO Egal announced on Wednesday that she was assaulted in downtown Novi Sad "by a large man she knows, who shouted, 'I'll kill you, faggot! I'll cut your throat!"

Pospis managed to escape and reported the incident to the police, it was said at the time. She also revealed she noticed that members of an extremist organization were following her.

N1 is reporting on Thursday that the prosecution asked the police for a complete report about the case, and will later decide on how to proceed. For the moment, no order has been given to the police to detain the man they brought in for questioning.

Pospis spent three years in jail for committing several criminal acts related to spreading racial, religious, and ethnic hatred. She recently appeared on N1 to say that neo-Nazism was "part of her ugly past and a phase to which she escaped as an insecure teenager who could not accept herself for what she was."

The NGO Egal noted that the incident targeting Dajana Pospis happened after the interview, and asked authorities to "suppress violence."


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