Container filled with cluster bombs found in southwest

A container filled with unexploded cluster bombs has been discovered close to the Dubinje military airport, near Sjenica in southwestern Serbia.

Source: RTS

The public broadcaster RTS is reporting that based on the markings on the container, it was made in the United States, and was used by NATO during the military alliance's attacks on Serbia in 1999.

Members of a mine clearing team showed three cluster bombs found next to the container, believed to have fallen out when the object hit the ground.

The team believes there are as many as 199 bombs inside the container, and are facing a risky process of removing them.

Civil Defense Directorate chief Bratislav Rancic told RTS that the discovery of an entire container was "a unique case so far," and something that also makes it more difficult to dispose of the explosives.

He added that the Emergency Sector personnel had been at the location for the past two days, "and it seems they will be there for another two to three days."


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