Serb arrested for breaking into Serb church

The Church of St. Petka in the village of Drsnik in central Kosovo and Metohija was broken into and robbed early on Monday.

Source: Tanjug

This was the second attack on this church in the previous 48 hours.

In Saturday's robbery, money was stolen from the church and its icons were vandalized, according to the Caglavica-based Radio KiM.

Kosovo Minister for Communities and Returns Dalibor Jevtic again urged the authorities to look into this issue, to safeguard the church building, and protect the safety of Serb returnees in Drsnik.

“There is obviously a group of people whose aim is to intimidate the Serb returnees in the municipality of Klina,” Jevtic told reporters while visiting the returnees in the village of Novake near Prizren.

Jevtic said that he discussed the recent incidents with the police authorities in Klina and that he expects their report.

He stressed that he will urge Kosovo's Interior Minister Skender Hiseni to present a detailed report on all attacks against the Serb returnees and their property in the Klina municipality in the next meeting of the inter-ministerial group for the return of displaced persons and refugees.

Despite frequent attacks and provocations, eight Serb families will return to Klina in the coming period, said Jevtic, stressing that the ministry will try to make sure that the Serbs in this town live normal lives.

The Beta news agency on Tuesday quoted a Kosovo police spokesman who said that a Serb was arrested on suspicion that he broke into the church. The name of the suspect has not been revealed.


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