Decision on Oric's extradition "nothing to do with law"

Switzerland's decision to extradite Naser Oric, suspected of crimes against Serbs in the Srebrenica area, to Bosnia "is unjust and has nothing to do with law."

Source: Tanjug

This is what Miodrag Linta, president of the Coalition of Refugee Associations in Serbia, told Tanjug on Friday.

The decision is a result of a stereotype portraying Serbs as aggressors and Croats, Bosniaks (Muslims) and Albanians as liberators and victims, Linta said.

Iit also "proves that, even today, a major part of the international community adheres to that false stereotype," Linta said, noting that "this definitely will not contribute to mutual understanding and sincere reconciliation among the nations in the territory of the former Yugoslavia."

Linta welcomed Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic's position that there is a strong willingness in Serbia to punish those who have committed war crimes against non-Serb prisoners of war or civilians and to speak openly about all crimes.

"Unfortunately, in Zagreb and Sarajevo, war criminals are celebrated as heroes and the Serb victims are humiliated, diminished or denied," the Coalition's president said.

"The judiciaries in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are ethnically motivated and are protecting those who have committed crimes against Serbs," Linta noted.


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