Serbia officially requests Oric's extradition

Serbia has officially requested the extradition of the former commander of the Muslim army in Srebrenica, Naser Oric.

Source: B92

Oric was arrested as he was traveling to Switzerland where he was to attend the marking of the 20th anniversary of the crime in Srebrenica.

Serbian Interpol office issued a warrant for his arrest in February 2014 because the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution suspects he committed crimes against Serbs in the Drina valley in 1992.

It is suspected that Oric with four other suspects on July 12, 1992 committed war crimes against civilians in Zalazje, Donji Potocari, the municipality of Srebrenica, in eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Naser Oric and four other suspects are charged with killing nine civilians of Serb nationality on that occasion.

In addition to Oric, international arrest warrants has been issued for wartime chief of the police station in Srebrenica Hakija Meholjic and three other Bosniaks. Oric claims that it "cannot be a coincidence" and that "Serbs, Serbian lobbies and services are not to blame, but instead the authorities of Bosnia-Herzegovina."


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