Oric doesn't want to be extradited, Serbian request awaited

Naser Oric has been granted a hearing in Switzerland when he declared himself against being extradited to Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

The Swiss authorities, who arrested the wartime commander of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Srebrenica area on a Serbian warrant, now expect an official extradition request from Belgrade within 18 days.

If the request comes, Oric will be detained until a final decision is made, the Serbian media are reporting on Friday.

The daily Alo quotes lawyer Borivoje Borovic who said there was "the realistic possibility" that Oric will be extradited to stand trial in Belgrade, because there is a new charge against him before the War Crimes Court for crimes that the Hague Tribunal - that put him on trial and acquitted him - did not deal with.

According to Borovic, Switzerland will have 40 days after Serbia submits "serious proof and the Interpol warrant" to extradite Oric.

On Thursday, the Higher Court in Belgrade said it had been officially informed about the arrest in Switzerland. A statement said that the War Crimes Department of the Higher Court started an investigation into Oric and others in December 2011 for acts of war crimes against civilians, and that on December 26, 2013, a judge issued an arrest warrant.

At the same time, it was decided to suspend the investigation until the accused becomes available to Serbia's justice organs.

Tanjug reported on Thursday that Oric was arrested in Thonex in the Geneva Canton on Wednesday. The order for the arrest was issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Justice based on a February 3, 2014 request from the Serbian authorities.

The FOJ said in a release that Oric had been granted a hearing and was being held in detention pending extradition.

The FOJ release says that the Serbian authorities suspect that, between 1992 and 1995, Oric and other members of the Bosnian Muslim forces repeatedly attacked Serb villages in the Srebrenica region, to drive out the civilian Serb population with a campaign of intimidation, torture and murder.


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