B92's Matic gives statement in death threats case

B92 News Editor-in-Chief of B92 Veran Matic has given his statement to investigators in the case against Nemanja Ristic.

Source: Blic

"It is a person prone to violence and that intensified by fear," Matic said of Ristic on Tuesday.

Ristic is under investigation for threatening Matic, U.S. Ambassador Michael Kirby and State Prosecutor Zagorka Dolovac with messages stating they would be executed by a firing squad.

Matic, who serves as president of the government's commission set up to investigate murders of journalists, has joined a criminal complaint filed against the suspect.

"In the case of the murder of Slavko Curuvija I found documentation that he was threatened on several occasions before he was killed. That influenced me in taking these threats seriously," Matic testified.

Ambassador Kirby told the Belgrade-based daily Blic that he "takes all threats seriously" and reports them to Serbia's authorities.

"I am grateful for the cooperation of Serbian authorities, as well as for the warm hospitality," he was quoted as saying.


"Eggs thrown at bus carrying students"

"Eggs have been thrown at a bus with Pristina University students in Konculj after the administrative line" between Kosovo and central Serbia, writes a daily.

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