Police in southwest "raise security" in wake of attack

After Monday's terrorist attack in Zvornik, eastern Bosnia, on the border with Serbia, the police in Novi Pazar has increased security measures.

Source: B92, Beta

They are also "monitoring the situation on the ground," the Beta news agency reported on Wednesday.

"There is certainly a greater security challenge here. We have determined our priorities and are taking necessary measures," the local Radio Sto Plus was told by the Novi Pazar police.

Novi Pazar is the largest town in Serbia's southwestern Raska District, known informally as Sandzak, which borders Bosnia and has a large Bosniak (Muslim) minority.

In the wake of the attack in Zvornik, located on the border with Serbia, when a police officer was killed, the Serbian police raised the level of security throughout the country.


Customs officers arrested on smuggling charges

A group of eight suspects, two Customs Administration officers among them, has been arrested on suspicion of organizing a smuggling ring.

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