Official comments on idea of annulling verdict against Thaci

"Somebody should show an interest in the crimes committed against Serbs in the province (Kosovo)," says Serbian Government Kosovo Office Director Marko Djuric.

Source: Tanjug

He in this way reacted to the suggestion voiced by Austrian MEP and EP rapporteur for Kosovo Ulrike Lunacek that Serbia should annul the guilty verdict against Hashim Thaci, and the arrest warrant stemming from it.

"I don't know if it's in line with European standards to comment on court decisions, and much less on orders issued by a war crimes prosecutor," he noted during a news conference where he presented the report on the progress in the Kosovo dialogue.

Djuric stated that the decisions concerning Thaci are valid, made by Serbia's judicial institutions, and that Belgrade informed authorities in the province of this, "and of its dedication to implement them if need be."

Thaci, a former KLA leader who now serves as Kosovo's foreign minister and deputy prime minister, was informed last week that he would be arrested if he came to Belgrade, based on a 1998 court ruling that found him guilty of terrorism.

"How come it never occurred to any of those who are today asking such questions, like Lunacek, to show an interest in whether the so-called terrorist KLA perhaps committed some war crimes in Kosovo and Metohija," asked Djuric.

Instead of the issue of annulling the verdict against Thaci, he continued, "it would be incomparably more useful if somebody showed an interest in shedding light on the fate of the thousands of missing persons in Kosovo, and those who are responsible for driving out 250,000 Serbs and burning down tens of thousands of homes, and who are perhaps even to this day sitting in some responsible positions in Pristina."

Djuric added that "commenting on court decisions is not a domain of politicians - especially not of those who were not witnesses to the war events in Kosovo in 1999."


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