Police patrol "did not react" as Serb teen was attacked

Three members of the Kosovo police who were on duty as a 17-year-old Serb was stabbed in an incident in Kosovska Mitrovica have been suspended.

Source: Tanjug

This announcement was made on Friday, a day after the incident, by Deputy Regional Commander of the Kosovo Police Besim Hoti.

The victim, S.N. and two others were attacked by a group of assailants who came from the southern part the town. Kosovska Mitrovica is divided into its southern, ethnic Albanian, and northern, predominantly Serb parts.

Hoti also said that "possible responsibility and omissions of the on-duty policemen" is being investigated, and stressed that the attackers "have not yet been identified," while the police is now "taking statements of witnesses and reviewing footage from security cameras."

"We continue the investigation at an intensive pace, and we asked the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo for guidelines," he said.

As for setting up checks at the main bridge over the Ibar River - a measure announced last night after the incident - Hoti said this "has not yet taken root," describing it as "a process," and adding that "such a decision cannot be made ad hoc."

Tanjug is reporting that the 17-year-old, who was stabbed in the chest and is currently recovering after surgery, and two other Serbs were attacked by five persons who crossed the bridge from southern Kosovska Mitrovica, and that the incident unfolded "some ten meters away from a Kosovo police patrol that did not react."


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