Serbian "cyber criminal" imprisoned, ordered to pay millions

A Serbian citizen has been sentenced to four years in prison and ordered to pay a fine of USD 17 million by a U.S. court.

Source: B92

Milos Vujanic was accused of "cyber crime" and arrested in France in 2012. In April of last year he was extradited to Texas.

The verdict was announced on Wednesday, when it was said that the crime group Vujanic belonged to included about 20 people.

Authorities said they have a list of homeless people whose names the group used to set up phantom companies, which embezzled money belonging to several telecommunication companies.

Matthew Simpson, Nathan Shaffer and Michael Faulkner were named as the group's leaders and charged for conspiracy to illegally gain more thatnUSD 20 million from the companies in question.

During the trial it was said that the criminal scheme very well organized and operated for several years.

Simpson was the first accused and received a 40-year sentence and a fine of USD 17.6 million, Faulkner received a sentence of 30 years and 18.2 million fine, while Shaffer will spend nine years in prison and pay 3.3 million.


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