"It would be best if Seselj surrendered"

Rasim Ljajic says that when it comes to Vojislav Seselj, he government "will make the best decision with the aim of preserving the overall stability."

Source: Tanjug

Ljajic, a cabinet minister who serves as president of the Council for Cooperation with the Hague Tribunal, also suggested that "it would be best for Seselj to surrender."

His comments came after it as announced that the Hague Appeals Chamber had ordered the leader of the Serb Radicals (SRS) to return to the detention unit.

Seselj, accused of war crimes against Croats and Muslims committed in the early 1990s, was granted temporary release last November on medical grounds, after spending more than 11 years incarcerated at the Hague. A verdict in his case is still awaited.

Ljajic told TV Pink that after the Appeals Chamber made its decision, the Trial Chamber is expected to act and formally demand that Seselj returns to the Hague.

According to Ljajic, should Seselj "show up in the Hague of his own accord," a debate about new conditions under which he would be provisionally released is "possible," as well as "a decision to release him once again under the terms which are valid for all other defendants."

Ljajic described the Appeals Chamber decision as "a combination of a legal blunder and a political circus."

He stressed that the current situation was "created exclusively by the Hague Tribunal - which has major political implications, as the decision is unexpected and controversial in many ways."

Ljajic added that "a hot potato" was first given to Serbia when Seselj was released, "because the Hague did not know how to get out of the impasse," and described that move as "legal improvisation."

"We are dealing with Seselj in 2015, instead of dealing with severe economic problems and reforms that we are implementing," observed Ljajic.


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