Member of police among group arrested on drug charges

The Serbian police on Thursday announced that 18 persons from the area of the town of Lazarevac had been arrested for drug trafficking in the streets.

Source: Tanjug

Among them is a police employee, a statement said, adding that the suspects were involved in illegal activities "for a prolonged period of time."

The statement identified those suspected of illegal manufacturing and trafficking of narcotics with their initials and the year of birth as N. R. (1982), N. R. (1984), M. M. (1978), M. R. (1985), Z. I. (1973), M. S. (1982), B. B. (1982), M. M. (1988), J. J. (1971), N. P. (1976), S. V. (1989), and police employee P. C. (1959).

At the same time, Z. J. (1981), B. O. (1981), Z. B. (1974), B. L. (1981), J. M. (1979) and V. D. (1977) have been detained for illegal possession of narcotics.


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