Thieves steal cables, leave bridge without electricity

The Ada Bridge over the Sava River in Belgrade was left in the dark after thieves severed and stole "most cables" used to supply electricity to the structure.

Izvor: Tanjug

The Belgrade Building Land Directorate warned that beside the material damage, the theft also compromises traffic safety on the bridge, and urged "additional caution while crossing it."

The as yet unknown thieves removed copper from the cables, the directorate explained.

A statement on Wednesday listed other examples when transformer stations were robbed in Belgrade leaving roads and the city bus line 65 turntable in the dark, and the case in Zemun when traffic lights on the Novi Sad highway were offline when fuel and equipment was stolen from two more transformer stations.

The directorate added that it will work with the public utility company Javno Osvetljenje to replace the cables as soon as possible.


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