Hague reveals "annex of conditions" for Šešelj

Vojislav Šešelj must appear before the Hague Tribunal when asked, and surrender his passport to Serbian authorities, reads "an annex of the conditions."

Source: Tanjug

The Hague Tribunal on Tuesday published this "confidential annex" which determines the conditions set before Šešelj when he was granted provisional release earlier this month.

According to the same document, Šešelj must also have no contact with the victims and witnesses in the process against him or affect them in any way, and must not obstruct proceedings or the course of justice.

The Trial Chamber, led by Judge Jean-Claude Antonetti, signed the decision to cancel the confidentiality of the annex, and in the same document urged Serbia not to issue a new passport to Šešelj without the consent of the chamber.

The document also requests that the Netherlands, where the tribunal is located, transfers the accused to the airport on the day of his release, and detain and transfer him to the detention unit when he is ordered to return.

The chamber also sent a request to transit countries to, if necessary, ensure the safety of the accused at a transit airport and to arrest him if he tries to escape while awaiting to return to the detention unit.

A request was also sent to the Secretariat of the Hague Tribunal in respect of the measures to be implemented until the accused left for the airport.


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